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Stacy Julien
With gyms closing and fitness becoming an after thought, Ms. Stacy made me see that getting fit at home is doable. And not only doable, but obtainable. She shows and gets you in shape with minimal equipment. Think its not possible? Try one of her routines and become a believer.
What a Diamond among the Gems.
Latrice Byrd

Stacy Julien
CWO of Fit Life Squad

Stacy Julien is the Chief Wellness Officer of the Fit Life Squad, a destination offering personal training, group fitness classes and nutrition coaching services. 

A former pro Figure competitor, Stacy was inspired to help others get fit by sharing what she learned while training for the stage. She competed in a dozen shows, earned five first-place wins, placed top five in her classes, and won her pro card in 2018.

As a certified fitness and nutrition coach, Stacy has helped countless men and women improve their bodies and lives through a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training along with helping them make smart nutrition choices. For 10 years, she ran outdoor boot camps, taught fitness classes at a variety of recreation centers in Washington, DC and Maryland and trained individuals one on one. 

By 2018, Stacy ventured into virtual fitness by offering classes through a private Facebook Group. She called that group the Fit Life Squad, made up of members from all parts of the country who meet online for fun, sweat-drenching workouts with Stacy three times a week. 

The Fit Life Squad soon evolved into a brand that speaks to one concept: Make fitness of mind, body and spirit a habit for overall wellness in life!

In 2020, Stacy was invited to be the fitness coach for the 10,000 Black Vegan Women Vegan Fresh Start program, an opportunity that allowed her to coach women across the globe virtually. Launched by award-winning public health nutritionist Tracye McQuirter of By Any Greens Necessary, the organization has evolved into the 10 Million Black Vegan Women Challenge. A vegan herself, Stacy currently sits on the Advisory Board and continues to teach classes. 

Stacy’s mission is to make as big an impact as possible in the lives of others – through inspiring healthy habits, being a role model for healthy aging and volunteering in her community. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stacy currently lives in the Washington, DC area with her 10-year-old son. 

Stacy Trivia: Before turning her life to health and wellness, Stacy was a fulltime journalist for newspapers, magazines and web sites.

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I haven’t always lived a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I can tell you delicious stories about how I used to eat for comfort, when I felt out of control, and with little regard to nutrition. Before I became an award-winning, pro figure competitor, I exercised, but with very little strategy. I wasn’t overweight, but I wasn’t fit, either. Exercise became my stress reliever, my getaway from life’s challenges. Like you, I had a goal for my body. While training as a competitor, and later earning fitness certifications, I learned how to eat for fuel, how to burn fat, build muscle and how to exercise efficiently with objectives in mind. I mastered that mind-body connection that motivates you to keep going.  As a result, I look better today in my 40s than I ever did in my 20s! We can get better and stronger as we age – I’m proof of that.

I figured it out. Now I want to dedicate my time to helping you figure it out, too — based on your lifestyle and your goals — with the tools I’ve learned along the way.

What else? I’m a busy mama with a school-aged kid. I understand the challenge of finding time to exercise, of sacrificing what you want to do for what you HAVE to do. That’s why I live by quick and quality workouts that hit those major muscle groups and burn the fat you can’t stand. They don’t call me the “Quickie Workout Queen” for nothing! If you’re ready to set your goals and make the commitment to show up, if you’re ready for transformation, if you’re ready to get your life back, let’s get to work!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Believe & Achieve Wellness is a fitness and wellness management company that prides itself on quality and consistency of service, sensitivity to each client and their goals, and providing a high-energy environment to optimize individual performance. Exercise, proper nutrition and fitness education is the foundation of Believe and Achieve Wellness programs. Utilizing Social Cognitive Theory as an approach to Worksite Wellness has been the reason behind a successful client base and the adoption of healthier lifestyles.

The Well Fit Pro
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“Stacy’s sessions give you a great, full body workout that I can do at my own pace and time. I see and feel the difference in my every day life.”

– Jill Patrick


“The 30-minute sessions are perfect for my busy life. The workouts are challenging, but she meets you where you are and modifies the toughest exercises, encouraging you all the way!”

– Denise Gilliam


“FIt Life Squad virtual classes have been fantastic in helping me reach my fitness goals! Stacy motivates me to get up early on Mondays to do unique workouts. I feel fantastic and am able to manage my stress so much better.”

– Helena Duncan

A fit life is powerful.

Be inspired by the value fitness adds to your life – a healthy heart, flexible limbs and strong bones to keep you functional for years to come.