I’ve been in many a conversation with my tribe about getting older and what that means for us. It gets deep at times, too. But we all agree that we’re seeing a difference, physically. Slowing metabolisms. Aches here. Pains there. Worsening eyesight. Y’all, we can’t turn back time. That only happens in the movies. But we can improve from where we are! We can shift our focus from just desiring a bikini body to being stronger, mobile, functional, healthy and mentally fit into our older years. The body you desire may just come and be the icing on top of the cake! As we kick off September 2020, let’s re-focus and re-commit to truly living our best, healthy lives by being proactive. Start with this to-do list:

Keep up with your doctor’s appointments.

Staying on top of check-ups will help your healthcare provider keep you aware of what’s happening with your body. Especially, if you have any chronic health conditions. If you’re experiencing anything abnormal, go check it out now before it becomes more serious. Know your numbers.

Eat better, period.

We can’t eat like we did in our 20s and expect to get in shape. Practice consuming mostly heart-healthy, fiber-rich, low (bad) fat foods every day. Allow yourself treats every now and then so you don’t feel deprived. Increase your water. If you’re confused about what, when, and how much to eat, let me know how I can help you.

Get your sleep.

We’re doing more in our older age then previous generations. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re parents. We pursuing part-time passions. We play sports. We volunteer. But we still need our rest to be productive. If you can’t get 8-10 hours in. Try short naps throughout the week.

Get on up!

Keep your body functioning with regular movement. Get your heart rate up with aerobic exercise (walking, running, high-intensity interval training, etc) and strengthen your bones and muscles by picking up weights at least 2-3 days a week. Classic, functional exercises like squats and push ups done on a routine basis will help you perform everyday tasks easier.

Practice self-care.

Reduce your stress by taking time out for yourself. That may mean scheduling a massage, finding a quiet place to read, meditating, etc. It’s VITAL that we take a break from the hustle and bustle to re-connect with ourselves.

Stay connected with your tribe, too.

Good friends are ingredients in your wellness plan. Even in a pandemic, we can Zoom, text, and call the people we care about and who care about us. Don’t let these relationships fade. They add positive vibes to your life!

Embrace your life.

Whatever stage you’re in – make the most out of it! Get to your healthy weight. Set a running goal and hit it. Learn a new language. Get back to doing that thing you gave up because life got in the way. Do you and do it well!

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